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Rudi Builds Long-Term Value

                                   for Your Company

  • Rudi believes the time is now to better understand the importance of smart finance and how it provides the headlights toward the ‘the fork in the road’ so you have options rather than roadblocks.


  • Her newly published book “Stop Compromising” is a reflection of her years of working with small and mid market companies. She shares her expertise with client stories and vital hands-on-tools. The book is an excellent, instructive business guide                                 leading the business owner and CEO through the myth of finance. 


  • Rudi has an exceptional understanding of the interdependencies of critical business functions and how they relate to each other in regards to strategic finance.  She offers her insights and knowledge to boards of private and public companies.


  • She is a sought-after speaker at business and professional events. Check her popular speaker topics.

            XPXpert Series Interview with Rudi SK

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Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz, MBA is a serial entrepreneur and innovative thinker. She founded three companies including Next Stage Solutions, Inc., a finance consulting firm specializing in finance leadership.

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