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I joined the #BoardroomBound podcast.  Excited to share this story

with you!  Listen here:

Sustainable growth is what every company aspires to accomplish, yet, doing it alone is often not possible or difficult to achieve. 


For private companies, using a group of outside experts with an Advisory Board will provide the business owners not only with a broader, strategic view, but also additional expertise not available on the existing executive team.

Public companies are required to have a Board of Directors and are encouraged to broaden their approach with a diverse group of members.   


My work with CEOs and Business Owners has been the most rewarding in my career.  


How can I help and support your company? Reach out to me to discuss the possibility of serving as your Advisor or to serve on an existing board.

I can be reached via email

As a woman business owner, I bring highly sought after business expertise with a combination of hard and soft skills.


Expertise I bring to an Advisory Board or a Board of Directors:

  • Exceptional understanding and communications of the interdependency of all business functions within a business.

  • Conceived and led several Live CEO Case Studies. Wrote the case studies, assigned advisory board members and led the conversations between CEO and Advisors.

  • Founder & CEO of Next Stage Solutions, Inc.  Provides midmarket companies with business operations and strategy advice, with a strong emphasis on finance.

  • Published "Stop Compromising" for CEOs in January 2018

  • Created RudiTuesday, a 12 month video series for CEOs

  • Current President of XPX NE Board of Directors.

  • Business Advisory Council member to Simmons School of Management for the past 8 years.

  • Past Advisory Board member to privately held company Sweet Scoop

  • Principal Advisor on commercialization strategy to SBIR government funded companies in technology, robotics and life sciences.


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