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Part One:   A New Direction in Finance and Accounting

Chapter 1:  What You Don't Know Will Hurt You 

Chapter 2:  Stop Compromising!

Part Two:   Seven Operationally-Driven Value Creation Modules

Chapter 3:   Work Horizontally

Chapter 4:   Your 'Outside-the-Box' A-Team

Chapter 5:   Measure so You Can Manage

Chapter 6:   Strengthen Your Bottom Line

Chapter 7:   Get Smarter on Risk

Chapter 8:   Don't Fail to Scale

Chapter 9:   Execution! Execution! Execution!

Part Three:  Opportunities, Growth and Exit Planning

Chapter 10:  The Fork in the Road

Chapter 11:  Monetize and Build Value


Critical Praise for Rudi’s “Stop Compromising…”

“Stop Compromising leads the business owner through the myth of finance and accounting by describing the need for forward-thinking, strategic finance as a value creation tool, and by providing the reader with operationally driven modules and vital hands-on tools.”    

Bob Emmert, Managing Partner, McCarthy Capital

“Breaking down silos, working horizontally and using the financial headlights are cutting-edge techniques and tools in Stop Compromising… this is an excellent tool for business owners.”    

Jack Finning, Founder & Partner, Alexander Aronson Finning CPAs

“Rudi is masterful at outlining a clear, strategic roadmap from the perspective of a forward-thinking finance professional. This guidebook takes the entrepreneur through a logical progression to improve EBITDA by aligning KPIs with strategic goals, while minimizing risk and maximizing enterprise value.”  

Arthur Barrett, President, Barrett Distribution Center


“Developing a strategic finance capability can really unlock a company’s potential to increase value for a business owner/CEO. Many middle market CEOs face entirely new challenges, requiring different and innovative solutions, as they build their business. In Stop Compromising, Rudi really lays out a well-developed, step-by-step approach to tackle obstacles and challenges that can prevent continued growth – providing a great resource to help achieve your ultimate goals for the business.” 

Gregory Rush, Partner, Dunn Rush & Co. LLC

"In Stop Compromising, Rudi reminds us that there are two sides to every business, the strategic and the tactical. Her inspiring client stories demonstrate how the strategic side of finance cannot be valued enough if true growth is desired."

Wendy Foster, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay


“In Stop Compromising Rudi has written a book that explains the importance for mid-sized organizations to take a strategic look at finance. This area is often underappreciated in companies that do not have a full financial staff. Every CEO should read and discuss this material with their CFO. It is a wonderful check-list of how to leverage a strategic financial approach. “
Andy Snider, President, Snider Associates, Leadership Team Development and Executive Coach


“Rudi brings passion and insight to the role of a strong CFO in the creation of timely knowledge vs historical data production, interdepartmental collaboration and ultimately the desired long term value sought by investors.”
David Humphrey, President, Beacon Equity Advisors


“Rudi elegantly walks the business owner through the strategic value of finance and accounting. It’s not about “bean counting” to re-live the past, but rather how finance and accounting can be used as a spotlight into the future to ensure sustainable growth. The book is practical, timely, and inspiring.”
Rob Ristagno, CEO, Sterling Woods Group


“Rudi addresses the importance of forward-looking finance for all mid-market businesses, a must to create value. And she reminds business leaders that it is not time to compromise. By leveraging a new resource-sharing model that provides dedicated finance services from boutique consulting firms, they can access to the best expertise."
Régis Mulot,  EVP – Chief HR Officer, Staples, Inc.


" Stop Compromising contains valuable tools for midmarket business leaders to make forward-looking, informed decisions by understanding the influence finance has on growing a business. Rudi shares a fresh, holistic perspective using her time-tested formula to positively navigate the typical business growth challenges."
Hilary Potts, Change Leadership Expert, and Author of The Executive Transition Playbook


“If your business is not achieving its full profit potential, then Rudi’s book, Stop Compromising, will provide important financial insights to help you implement sustainable value creation. Rudi’s practical guidelines and examples from real life client experiences, will help you clarify and work through the most significant financial challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs and business owners. This informative book is a must read for any business looking to develop the financial discipline required to grow a successful enterprise.  Thank you Rudi for providing the framework to financial excellence!”
Howard Jay Goldman, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Humboldt Storage and Moving Company

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