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 Stop Compromising                     

 A fiscal navigator for CEOs to embrace operational finance       

 and value-creation to achieve best practices.                      


 Finding the Right Advisors           

 A Board of Advisors may be one of the most important               

 investments you will make. The challenge is to find  the          

 right advisors.                             


 Exit Planning Strategies               

 Know what your options are and monetize your business with

 a 5 step program so you are best prepared for the future.  It

 is never too early to start!

  7 Value Creating Modules      

  A strategic roadmap on how to improve EBITDA and KPIs,           reduce enterprise risks, and how to properly scale and grow.                   

 How to Grow & Scale

 Examine 6 key attributes to effectively scale a

 business towards sustainable growth.



 Finance is the most misunderstood area in a business.

 Learn all aspects of finance at an early stage to avoid 

 compromising the value of the business.


 Finance vs Accounting

 Demystify what finance really entails. Learn the

 difference between Accounting and Finance and why

 you need both to grow.


  Benchmark Assessment

  Know what your weaknesses and strengths are today so

  you can obtain your strategic goals of tomorrow. 



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Finding the Right Advisor

Demystify Finance for Your Business

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XPX NE Summit Opening 2019.PNG

Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz's opening remarks

at the XPX NE Summit in March 2019

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